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We like the full flavor and juiciness of olives that come with their pits still inside. If you're going to cook with olives, though, you'll need to remove the pits. Pitting olives adds a few minutes of prep time to a dish, but isn't hard to do.

pastry scrapers help pit olives

You can buy tools made specifically to pit olives, but they often don't work for oddly sized olives and end up living permanently in the back of a kitchen drawer. Instead, we use a dough scraper or pastry cutter. You could use any tool that has a wide, flat surface (the flat side of a knife, a small skillet, etc.)

press the olive with a pastry scraper - cookthink

Just press straight down onto the olive with the flat surface until you feel the olive pop.

the pit will come out of the olive - cookthink

Continuing to press down gently, pull the tool back toward you. This will often make the seed pop right out.

push the pit from the olive with your fingers

If the seed hasn't popped out yet, just squeeze with your fingers to release it. 



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